About me

Hello, my name is Nawaz Ahmad, I'm Chief Track & Field coach at LG-Rüsselsheim Germany. I was born in India and live since 17 years in Germany. In 2003 I obtained the A-Trainer license of the DLV for athletic (sprint and hurdles). Since 2006 I also work as PE- and Englishteacher at the secondary modern school Mainz-Lerchenberg. Till 2008 I also worked as sprint and hurdles trainer at the USC Mainz.



April 2014

Today my athletes and I came back from the track and field camp in Erfurt. Although there were several injured this year it was an successful track and filed camp. Especially I must prais the athletes: Lea Schiller, Philip Daub, Philippe Di Stefano, Lars Becker und Jan Niklas Lindner for their excellent achievements. I also want to thank Jennifer Moser and Dennis Lau for their great support.


March 2014

From the 11th to the 20th of April I'm going to drive with my athletes to the training camp at the olympic base in Erfurt. I will be support by my coach colleague Jennifer Moser.